The big trip

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The Story of Talking Spirit

Back in 2007, Tracy Sharman and Clare Teale met at the Arthur Findlay School of Psychic Studies.  A beautiful old building dedicated to teaching eager students all about the world of spirit.


Tracy and Clare went for dinner one evening, and found themselves sharing the same table and also the same interests.  Both were enthusiastic about this journey they had both embarked on and just as excited to be at this famous school.


After a week of intensive yet fantastic training, Clare and Tracy left the school with a purpose!  Having found themselves firm friends they decided to collaborate and set up Talking Spirit.  They didn’t know exactly how it would pan out but they knew they wanted to make this side of life accessible to all; they wanted to show people that this wasn’t a gift for the chosen few.  


Through sheer passion of all things spiritual - Tracy and Clare charged through the following few years organising event after event, from workshops to evenings of clairvoyance.  Audience sizes grew and our wonderful customer base got bigger and bigger.


Clare's natural exuberance and Tracy's organising mind made for a great duo, clients warmed to the pair and friendships were forged, lasting to this day.  


Companies talk about being a large family but in the case of Talking Spirit it's true.  Clare and Tracy started the company, and now their ethics and approaches are shared by the rest of the team.


We hope you have as much fun on this spiritual path as we have!







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