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One to one readings available at Talking Spirit

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Psychic / Tarot Reading £35 for 1hr

These readings are excellent for guidance, clarification, insight and confirmation that you are on the right path.  


From relationships to career, we will use the cards to find out what is holding you back and what you can look forward to in your future.  Our readings will always focus on solutions and ways to motivate you.


Psychic & Astrology Blend Reading £35 for 1hr

Using your astrological line (your birth date and time) Pauline our Astrologer can help you gain greater insight into who you are, and to give a better understanding of those around you.  Pauline also uses psychic oracle cards to give you guidance and clarity.




Mediumship Reading £35 for 1hr

We will look to connect with your loved ones in spirit, give evidence of survival of life after death and pass on any messages they wish to give to you.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee who comes through, and sometimes spirit will want to connect with you directly which means the medium can show you how to speak to your loved ones - a beautiful experience!

Looking for guidance?

A need to connect to someone who has passed?

Life Guidance & Healing - £35

There are times in our life when we can find it difficult to move forward.  Stress or past pain can keep us stuck in a place where we no longer wish to be.  

A Life Guidance and Healing session can help find the root cause, working intuitvely to release blocks.

Healing to follow can uplift and help a positive way forward to become clear

Feeling stuck?  Despite your best efforts to get on in life?

Spiritual Release - £25 introductory offer

This works similarily to a reading but it involves Tracy Sharman identifying deep rooted energy and giving you the understanding to release it.  We touch on this in our readings but a spiritual release session involves identifying issues, helping you to let them go, understanding why that hasnt been easy and what your life can look like after the session.

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