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Readings & Services Available at Talking Spirit

Our Readers

Astrology Natal Chart - £45

Through a relaxing guided meditation you will be taken back to one of your past lives.  An experience for those curious to see who they once were or as a way of releasing old emotions not associated with this life.  

Past Life Regression £45 for 1 hr 30mins

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Phone Readings £30

Telephone readings work in the same way as a face to face reading.  The accuracy of the information and connection with the client does not change.

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Psychic / Tarot Reading £35 for 1hr

These readings are excellent for guidance, clarification, insight and confirmation you are on the right path.  


Psychic & Astrology Blend Reading £35 for 1hr Using your astrological line up to gain greater insight into who you are along with psychic cards to give you guidance and clarity.




Mediumship Reading £35 for 1hr

We will look to connect with your loved ones in spirit, give evidence of survival of life after death and pass on any messages they wish to give to you.

By examining your date and place of birth our astrologer is able to create your own personal natal chart.  A unique and detailed look at how the planetary line up creates the person you are, your strengths, personality and life path.  Also available are babies charts and your transits.

Spiritual Healing £35 for 1hr

The session begins with intuitive counselling and "energy" reading which provides a guide for healing. Then while you relax on a therapy couch (or chair) receive channelled healing energies (through the hands above the body) to help remove blocks, balance chakras, release negative emotions and promote health and well-being.

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Would you like to know more about yourself?

In need of some healing?

Shamanic Healing £35 for 1hr

Shamanic Healing provides a traditional way of finding answers, guidance and healing energies.  After becoming clear of the desired outcome or intent, the healing takes place while you relax and feedback is given afterwards.  This kind of healing can be really powerful in helping make positive changes in all aspects of life.

Intuitive Counselling £35 for 1hr

Intuitive Counselling provides an opportunity to talk through issues in your life and to release and transform negative emotions. By receiving intuitive feedback and help connecting to your own inner wisdom, you can begin to see things in a new light and find ways to move forward positively.  

These sessions are also available via email, when booking please ask for further details.


Email Readings £15

We also offer shorter email readings which are ideal for specific questions or advice on an area in your life.  Usually 2 pages long.