The big trip

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Online Spiritual Development Classes

For those unable to attend our workshops we offer free online development classes.  Also helpful for those who wish to practice inbetween attending one of our events.


Created by Tracy Sharman this 6 video course will help you to learn how to be in control of your psychic and spiritual side and how to work with it.  Designed especially to be shorter rather than lengthy, so that everyone can have a go in the little time we have.


We suggest you start with the 'meet your guides' meditation if you are new to this as it will help you to relax and understand the benefits of short meditations.  Then please move on to the classes.  Tracy has also created a video on how to read cards, which of course is optional.


If you feel you would like further development we offer classes and one to one development.

Click on the screen shot opposite to be taken to the online classes on our channel.