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One to One Development With Tracy Sharman

Tracy is the co-founder of Talking Spirit she is an Intuitive, Medium and Teacher of Spiritual & Psychic Development


Tracy runs many workshops and development groups for psychic and spiritual awareness.


In a one to one session with Tracy, she will help you to understand and unlock your psychic and spiritual abilities.


These hour long sessions are designed to suit the individuals needs.  So you may be interested in learning how to connect to spirit for an uplifting experience, or to learn how to

work with energy and give readings.


There are so many reasons why people choose to book a development session.  Tracy will help you to understand what you can do and will give you tools to use in your daily life.


These sessions, like our other services and events will be interesting, uplifting and informal.  No pressure, just a chance for you to explore this fascinating way of life.  


You can have one session or as many as you life.


Price: £25 per session approx 1 hour

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