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Healing Sessions Available at Talking Spirit

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Spiritual Healing £35 for 1hr

The session begins with intuitive counselling and "energy" reading which provides a guide for healing. Then while you relax on a therapy couch (or chair) receive channelled healing energies (through the hands above the body) to help remove blocks, balance chakras, release negative emotions and promote health and well-being.

In need of some healing?

Distance Healing & Intuitive Guidance £30

Healing energy is channelled through the intention of the healer and can work very effectively from a distance.  All you need do is outline what you would like help with in an email and take 30mins to relax and recieve healing at an agreed time.  You will also receive 2 exchanges of emails offering intuitive insight and healing guidance as well as an outline of anything seen during healing.

Life Guidance & Healing - £20 introductory offer

There are times in our life where we are unable to move forward.  Past pain and old hurts can keep us in a place we no longer wish to be.  A life guidance and healing session will help identify the root cause of these issues, intuitively we can bring them to the surface for you to let go of.  The healing which follows restores your energy and helps maintain a positive outlook.

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