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Astrology Natal Chart - £45 for 1 hour

By examining your date and place of birth our Astrologer Pauline is able to create your own personal natal chart.  A unique and detailed look at how the planetary line up creates the person you are, your strengths, personality and life path.  Also available are babies/kids charts.



Past Life Regression - £45 for 1 hour 30 minutes

Through a relaxing guided meditation, Past Life Regression Therapist Tracy will take you back to one of your past lives.  An experience for those curious to see who they once were or as a way of releasing old emotions that have no place in this life, which you may not realise and have grown used to feeling this way.

Would you like to know more about yourself?

Can't get to us?  We offer remote services too


Telephone Readings - £30 for 1 hour

Telephone readings work in the same way as a face to face reading.  The accuracy of the information and connection with you does not change.  For types of readings available (face to face or over the phone) please see our Reading page.



Email Readings - £15

We also offer shorter email readings which are ideal for specific questions or advice on an area in your life.  Tash will link in to your energy and use her cards to give a reading which she then sends in a 1-2 page email

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